The United Arab Emirates has become a top destination, especially in recent years. Its extravagant malls and ultra luxurious hotels (including the world’s only 7 star hotel: the Burj el Arab) make it a top choice for the rich and famous. But there is more for you here than shopping. Dubai, the main city, is home to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. An elevator will take you 163 stories up in the air, to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. Take a trip to the desert and witness the susnset, take a camel ride, and induldge in some middle eastern food with bellydancers. Abu Dhabi is another big tourist hub in the U.A.E. It is home to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque; this magnificent all white sanctuary will blow you away with its pristine architecture. Although it is a very strict Muslim country, tourists are not required to adhere to the local dress code, except when visiting mosques or other religious sites. The country also is pretty strict on its alcohol policy, therefore you will only be able to indulge in some wine or a cocktail inside of hotels. This is also why most fancy clubs, lounges and restaurants are located inside hotels. One tip: when visiting the U.A.E make sure you bring lots of spending cash!