The second of the ABC islands, Curacao lays in between Aruba and Bonaire. Home to the world famous Blue Curacao liqueur, it is the perfect place for a family getaway. Willemstad is the capital, most of the large resorts are located in the area called Otrobanda; a nice tourist strip with shops and restaurants. Cross the Queen Emma pontoon for more local folklore and you will find yourself in a “mini” in Amsterdam, except that the houses are all pastel colored. The island is small and you can tour it on ATVs, it is a fun experience that will give you a good general overview. For the most daring, the bat cave awaits, just make sure to cover your hair!  Curacao is also known for its exotic marine life and coral reefs, so a snorkeling tour is a must. This quiet and friendly island is the perfect destination for families, so if you are feeling “Dushi” take a trip to Curacao!