Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations. Known for its beautiful beaches, rainforest, and friendly people, you will not run out of things to see and do on the Isla del encanto!

The streets of old San Juan will enchant you with their colorful Spanish colonial houses. At the top of the Old City, you will find el Morro, an impressive 16th century citadel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Puerto Rico is also home to the world famous Bacardí Rum factory located just outside of San Juan. When you take a walk at night make sure you keep an ear out for the sound of the coqui; this tiny little frog with a unique croak only lives in Puerto Rico. The bioluminescent bay of Fajardo is a must-see. It is only about an hour away and is a magical experience for adults and children as well. On the west coast, you will the windy beaches of Rincon, a surfer’s paradise. As if Puerto Rico wasn’t amazing enough, it is also the birth place of the Piña Colada!