Tucked in between Mexico and Guatemala lies Belize, this Central American country is packed with rich culture, breathtaking beaches, and luscious nature. Culture-junkie: You will find many archeological wonders; one of the most famous is the Caracol Mayan ruins. After a hefty climb, you will sit atop the relic of this 1200 year old city and enjoy breathtaking view of the jungle. Diver: the Blue Hole, a giant maritime sinkhole located about 40 miles off shore, is something to check of your bucket list. Thrill-seeker: try the zipline and jungle rafting tour in Belize City. Beach bum: The resort area of Plasencia on the southern coast of Belize will blow you away with incredible crystal waters and white sand. Backpacker: Stop here on your way down to South America and meet other world travelers at one of the many great hostels in Belize. No matter what type of tourist you are, there is something for you here!