In the heart of Central America, this less-known jewel is home to the some of the region’s most breathtaking natural landscapes and most friendly atmosphere. Years of political unrest and earthquakes spared it from mass tourism in the past decades, but that is quickly changing. Plan your visit sooner than later, as the masses will quickly come and prices will skyrocket. Nicaragua has Central America’s largest lakes, as well as the famous Dual Volcano: the only one in the world that is fed by two separate flows of magma. There are 430 volcanic islands in vast Lake Nicaragua, and 70 officially declared endangered species including monkeys, boa constrictors, jaguars, sloths, green turtles and sea turtles. Its Pacific beaches are great for surfing, and you will find turquoise Caribbean waters on the eastern border, perfect for relaxing. Nicaragua is also home to the oldest city in central america, Viejo Leon. No wonder the country attracts nature lovers and curious minds from all over the World.