Czeck republic

Landlocked and surrounded by mountains, the Czech republic is located on the border of eastern and western Europe; it is a historic gem where cultures have collided throughout the centuries. The country is famous for it’s variety of beers, and as a matter of fact, this is where the original Budweiser beer was created. More recently, a wave of micro breweries has emerged, so no wonder they are among the world’s largest consumers of beer. The Czech Republic is full of medieval towns and castles (over 2000 of them) that testify to its rich history. Prague, the capital and main cultural centre, is home to beautiful architecture, a vibrant art scene, ancient music, and nightlife aplenty for those who want it. Beyond the busy capital you’ll find an array of other cities equally worth a visit like the beautiful city of Karlovy Vary, a top spa detination with over 13 natural springs. The Moravian Karst is also worth the detour; let this impressive geological wonder carry you through a maze of limestone caverns. With its rich history and beautiful scenery, the Czeck republic is place full of mystery and unexplored wilderness.