Previous visitors will agree: beautiful, affordable, and friendly are some of Portugal’s most notable attributes. For years the country was less visited than its larger neighbor, Spain, and as a result, it has preserved a lot of its authenticity. There is an immense amount of small villages throughout Portugal, which makes for great daytrips. It’s ancient history and catholic culture left impressive castles and elaborate churches in the tiniest villages for you to see. Lisbon, the capital city and cultural centre, has become a must-see for travelers over the past decades. Each of the city’s neighborhoods has unique attributes and its hills boosts for great views from the numerous miradouros (outlook points). The Algarve coast is another hotspot, specially for beach lovers. Known for its gorgeous beaches and picturesque fisherman villages, it is the perfect place for a nice vacation on the beach, with lots of local flavor. Portugal as a whole is definitely a main attraction for foodies too. Whether you are visiting one of its many scenic wineries, eating in a local restaurant in the Barrio Alto of Lisbon, or having seafood straight from the Ocean in Oporto, you’re in for a treat. The Atlantic Coast is a surfer’s paradise; every year, pros from all over the world flock to the town of Nazare to try and catch one of the mega waves. No matter what vibe you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Portugal!