Spain is a great destination all year round, and one should be prepared to pick and choose, simply because there is just too much to see. It’s vast coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean make for great beach holidays, whether you’re surfing or relaxing. Party-goers will also tell you it is the place to be, whether that be in Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid or Malaga. It is also the land of flamenco, bullfighting, and great food and wine. But Spain, a long time world power in the middle ages, also has a rich and affluent history to which many of its culturally loaded cities can testify. Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Santander, Bilbao, Valencia boost beautiful old historical city centres with many museums and galleries for the art lovers. Food is a big deal for Spaniards and you’ll find as many cuisines as there are regions, cities and towns. In Spain you’ll love strolling through the streets to absorb the liveliness of the locals, enjoy the architecture and find one of the many bars or restaurants to sip on some wine, eat some tapas, and people-watch. Each city has its own vibe; Madrid, the capital will give you that trendy city athmosphere. Barcelona is a mecca for the Art lovers, the beaches of mallorca will delights anyone who loves to sunbathe, and the streets of Sevilla will enchant you with their authentic character as women in colorful dresses stomp their feet to the sound of a guitar. If you are like most tourists, you will fall in love with Spain and it will certainly be on your repeat list!