Sweden is located in scandinavia, nestled between Norway and Finland. People usually associate it with statuesque people, meatballs, and of course Ikea! But there is a lot more to discover in Sverige. Stockholm, its capital city, is a good place to start. Its rich history and modern way of life make it a vibrant city. Whether you’re strolling through the streets in search of a cute cafe, induldging in its growing food scene, or island hopping amongst the capital’s 24000 islands, Stockholm is the best place to get familiar with Swedish culture. Some of the most popular sights include the Vasa Museum, Gamla Stan; the medieval old town, and the gorgeous Drottningholm Palace. However, your visit shouldn’t end there. Beyond the country’s main cities: Gothenborg, Malmo and Upsala, you’ve got wilderness to explore! Hike the King’s trail, visit Lapland and stay at the Ice Hotel, plan to see the northern lights, rent a white and red painted cottage and stay on the shore of one of the lakes or beaches. Midsumer and Valborg are two of sweden’s many festivities that are worth to plan around. And in case you were wondering, many of the hard to pronounce Ikea furniture names are actually names of places in Sweden!