Welcome to the land of Samba, carnaval and futebol! Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and offers great attractions for every type of traveler. Since it is such a large country, it is best to plan your visit as a standalone trip, or if it is part of a multicountry tour, make sure to allocate a good chunk of time to Brazil. Despite the bad press the it might have gotten regarding its safety, it is overall safe and easy to travel through. You’ll quickly notice that the country’s number one attraction is its people: the brazilians. They are welcoming, lively, happy and friendly, and will make sure your stay in Brazil is unforgettable. Nature lovers: the Rainforest awaits you. The majority of the Amazon (60%) is contained within Brazil, which provides a great opportunity for travellers to absorb its biodiversity and natural beauties. Aside from the Amazon, there are countless beaches, large cultural centers such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or Salvador de Bahia. If you plan to acquire some new dance moves, Rio de Janeiro is the place to be in February, which is when the world’s largest and most famous Carnival takes place. Futebol (soccer) is the national sport and almost a religion, so don’t miss out on seeing a live game in a stadium, to absorb the country’s passion. Brazil is one of the wolrd’s most popular destinations, and when you go there, you will know why!